Compatible with: iOS 8.0 ~ iOS 12.4

Last Updated: 2019-09-13 17:07:12

Downloads: 666

Copic For WhatsApp brings ability to display the Contact pictures in WhatsApp standard views such as Recents, Contact and Chat screens. Please ensure that you have a valid license for Copic 2 before installing this tweak. Requires Copic 2 and all settings of this plugin can be configured under Copics WhatsApp settings.

Please note that a valid license of Copic 2 is required to use this little tweak. This tweak does not add any extra icon on your SpringBoard.

This adds settings to Copic 2s settings as shown in the below screenshots.

*Customisable settings under Copic 2s settings.

*Ability to turn on/off show contact pictures on different screens of WhatsApp.

*Round or Square or no pictures at all.

*Chat pictures inside a conversation.

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