Compatible with: iOS 9.0 ~ iOS 12.4

Last Updated: 2019-10-08 10:50:35

Downloads: 811

**Pagebar Pro** is an answer to the lack of customization tools for iOS page dots; It's a brand new, intuitive way to customize your existing page dots.
This package is also available on my personal repo. They are the same package, and if you own that one there is no need to buy this one. They are both regularly updated.
It comes with 7 different styles, and allows you to create your own by editing `/Library/Pagebar/bars/custom.png`
The namesake theme, *Pagebar,* is a new, customizable view, based on amazing concepts for new ways of handling iOS page dots. If it isn't your style, the rest of the themes will allow you to fully and completely customize your page dots to your liking. 
Any of these themes have sliders and tools that can move your indicators anywhere on the page.
The page dot customization tools it comes with an integrated ShyPageDots setting that emulates said functionality across the entirety of the themes.

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